Raspberry Project


Installation of 8 hectares of Pata Toro, for growing strawberries and groves.

Sanjorge has created a new greenhouse concept that is being widely accepted. The return on investment is in a short time. It is a system that allows increases in productivity in a lower cost. The PATA TORO Greenhouse is especially suitable for hydroponic crops.

  1. Structures are higher and more open, allowing a greater air stream.
  2. Significant cost reduction (plastics, water, labour).
  3. Eliminates costs of assembly and annual disassembly of the plots.
  4. Improvement and increase of production for drip culture.
  5. Decrease in water needs thanks to lower consumption and recovery of rainwater.
  6. Dynamic structure that improves pollination.
  7. Increase between 30% and 50% plants per hectare.
Proyecto de construccion de inverdero de frambuesa en marruecos