Advanced and exclusive projects according to the needs of each client.

Advanced and exclusive projects according to the needs of each client.

Irrigation and fertigation systems


We guide you to choose the project that best suits your needs.


We work and study in detail the characteristics of each project.

Assembly of systems

We put the latest generation tools at your disposal in order to achieve the best results.

After sales

We offer a follow-up aimed at maintaining the quality of our projects.

Customized projects

Our differentiating seal consists, in a meticulous study of the needs and specifications, to carry out integrated projects, that provide the best of solutions to lead our clients to achieve their goals.

Customized projects

We make customized projects according to our clients needs.

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The function of the pump is to supply the necessary flow to the irrigation installation at required pressure by the emitters for its correct operation.

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Fertigation is a technique that allows the simultaneous application of water and fertilizers through the irrigation system. Therefore, it is about taking advantage of High Frequency Localized Irrigation systems, to apply the necessary nutrients to plants.

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Programmers for hydroponic crops and for crops in soil.

Electric panels:

  • Variable speed drives: small in size and high performance serve to cover a wide range of applications.
  • Electronic starters: to adapt to any type of load and possibility of integrated bypass.

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The use of filters in the irrigation heads, prevents clogging by impurities, which is essential to extend the life of the system and to reduce the number of interventions over time.

The type of filter to be used and the degree of filtration will depend on the quality of the water and the irrigation system.

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Measurement and dosage

It is an instrument that totalizes the volume of water that passes through a conduit or pipe downstream from its position. In irrigation it is used as a pricing element. Container types can be single stream, multiple stream, Woltmann counters, tangential counters, or proportional counters.

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Hydraulic valves have various applications both in agricultural irrigation and in water distribution. Depending on its equipment, it can be: manual valve, hydraulic valve, electric valve, regulator and / or sustainer pressure, safety valve, etc …

Drip irrigation, our specialization in drippers and pipes integrated with self-compensating drippers, allows us to irrigate crops with maximum resource efficiency; water, fertilizers, soil, energy, but also the economic resource to make crops more profitable.

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We can find the following hydraulic control elements: gate valves with elastic seat, Butterfly valves, clapper check valves, ball check valves, stone hunting filters, anti-vibration sleeves, among others.

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Drip irrigation

It allows the optimization of water and fertilizer and they are highly recommended for the development of the plant. Types:

  • Self-compensating
  • Turbulent
  • Irrigation Tape
  • Punctured Dropper

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Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is a way of irrigation whereby water reaches plants as a localized “rain”. Types:

  • Sprinkling
  • Micro-sprinkling: In micro-sprinkler irrigation, water is applied by means of devices, called diffusers or micro-sprinklers, that distribute the water as a fine rain.
  • Nebulization: New concept of irrigation by nebulization, consisting of placing a colloidal solution on the ground mentioned, like a cloud, in which the solute is water and the solvent is air, thanks to a centrifugal fan.

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Fulfilled projects

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