Wide range of products that will help you find the best solution related to water treatment.

Wide range of products that will help you find the best solution related to water treatment.

Water treatment


Descaling systems end the hardness of the water, a problem that affects large areas of Spain and causes scale problems in the facilities, machinery and / or electrical appliance breakdowns and inconveniences for adequate domestic cleaning or personal hygiene.


Water is a scarce and essential element for the life of people, animals and plants. On their quality depends, to a large extent, our health and that of the entire ecosystem.


Dosage, in water treatment systems, refers to the controlled addition of chemical products by dosing pumps, with the aim of modifying their chemical composition and changing their properties.

Water treatment

Sanitation and disinfection systems for water and the elements in contact with it, in accordance with the European BIocidas regulation, providing a solution that is safe for health, ecological and sustainable.

  • AGRI DIS – Agricultural disinfectant without residues, without safety period and without chlorine.
  • TERRA DIS – Agricultural disinfectant that offers AGRI DIS solutions, powered by a more intense and instantaneous action.

The descaling systems end with the hardness of the water, thus eliminating the problems of fouling of installations and breakdowns in machinery.

The shortage of drinking water, makes it increasingly necessary to be able to take advantage of brackish and saline waters as potable through reverse osmosis systems.

This systems are composed of layers of different materials that guarantee a high retention power of different particles in suspension as well as the elimination of other impurities.

Automatic operation, it is used for the elimination of chlorine, organic contaminants, deodorization and discoloration of water

Automatic operation to remove iron and manganese from water.

Filter with ferric dioxide charge, automatic operation to remove Arsenic from the water.

Manual or automatic calcium carbonate filters for the remineralization of soft and osmotic water and the increase in alkalinity of the water.

They allow the reduction of the nitrate concentration of the water by means of ionic exchange.

For small productions, semi-automatic or automatic operation for the production of high quality process water.

Compact decanter-digester with biological filter. This system allows the biological treatment of waste water that can be assimilated to domestic, providing a good performance in water quality at the exit of the equipment.

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